Agricultural production

Agricultural activities consist of cattle and rye production. Over 200 cattle are used for milk and meat production.

The rye production includes canola, corn, rye, wheat, potatoes and onion. A very high quality of peeled and non-peeled onion is currently sold in European markets (mainly Netherlands and Germany). A total of 90% of the produced onion is sold to these countries.

We are highly interested in establishing collaborations to sell non-peeled and peeled onion.

Ethanol production

The tradition of ethanol production in "GRUNTPOL" can be traced back to 1834. It is based on crude and rectified spirit, and vodka. The high quality of the produced ethanol was acknowledged with a certificate from the Polish drug department. This certificate entitles our spirit to be used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug production. In addition, our spirit is sold to the cosmetic industry. Vodka production is as well partly exported.

We are interested in collaborations to sell rectified spirit and vodka.